Professor Sterio Invited to Write on International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Professor Milena Sterio has been invited to contribute an entry on the “International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda” to the forthcoming Elgar Encyclopedia of Human Rights (Edward Elgar Publishing).  The Encyclopedia is co-edited by Professors Manfred Nowak, Jane Hofbauer, Philipp Janig, and Christina Binder, and it will be published in 2021.  Professor Sterio’s entry will discuss human rights issues related to the Rwanda tribunal.  A brief description of the Encyclopedia, which will be published both in print and online, is as follows:
The aim of the Encyclopedia is to address the full range of substantive and procedural themes associated with the study and practice of Human Rights. Whilst primarily legal in nature, the Encyclopedia will also address broader social science approaches regarding the field of human rights. Substantive articles, organized by theme, will cover topics from the contemporary and cutting edge through to more traditional issues.

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