Professor Oh Presents and Publishes in Various Venues

Professor Reginald Oh:

  • Spoke at the California Western School of Law’s Law Review symposium on immigrant rights last spring. He presented a paper entitled, Dehumanization, Immigrants, and Equal Protection. The article is forthcoming in the California Western Law Review.
  • Is working on a chapter for the book, Critical Race Judgments. His chapter is a rewrite of the Supreme Court’s 1927 school segregation decision in Gong Lum v. Rice.
  • Published an article, “The Supreme Court Post-Kavanaugh,” on The Loyal Opposition website. The article contends that one seat should be added to the Supreme Court to have ten justices sit on the Court.
  • Published an article, “How We Should Think About Impeachment,” on The Loyal Opposition website. The article contends that the debate over impeaching President Trump should focus less on whether he has committed federal crimes and more on his fitness to wield executive power.
  • Has been appointed to the Board of Directors for DemCast, a nonprofit organization engaging in social media political advocacy.

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