Katz Presents on Legal Education

In July, Legal Educator in Residence Howard E. Katz participated in the Wolters Kluwer Leading Edge conference on the future of legal education in Riverwoods, IL.  He organized and chaired a session discussing “The First 100 Days: What Would You Do as a New Dean?”
In August, Mr. Katz made two presentations at the Southeast Association of Law Schools (SEALS) annual conference in Boca Raton, FL.  He spoke about “Teaching Fundamentals: Designing  an Effective Core Law School Course” as part of the Newer Law Teachers Workshop.  He spoke about the Unified Field Theory of Legal Analysis (originally discussed in his book on law school teaching co-authored with Professor Kevin F. O’Neill) as part of a discussion group on “Giving Feedback in Large Classes.”  He also participated in a c.v. review session for aspiring professors as part of the Prospective Law Teachers Workshop.

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