Sagers Quoted in Flurry of Media on New Antitrust Probes and FTC v. Qualcomm

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke with several media outlets this week about news that federal regulators may be investigating Big Tech firms for monopolization, including Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. He appeared live on Bloomberg Radio, and was quoted in stories in Agence-France Presse, the TelegraphFox Business, Bloomberg Law, and Reuters.

He also spoke with Reuters in a story last week about the Federal Trade Commission’s win against mobile chipmaker Qualcomm. The FTC persuaded a federal district court that Qualcomm had used its dominance in  modem chips to exclude rival manufacturers and squeeze excess profits from mobile device makers. The case has been controversial, and it drew the unprecedented op-ed by a sitting Federal Trade Commissioner–a Republican appointed by President Trump after the agency had first brought the case–publicly calling for her own agency to lose on appeal.

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