Sagers Speaks With Media on Various Antitrust Issues

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke recently with a number of media outlets about ongoing antitrust matters.

He spoke with Bloomberg twice, for a story on the Justice Department’s widely expected loss on appeal in its challenge to the merger of AT&T and Time Warner, and for a separate story on potential antitrust challenge to Facebook’s controversial plan fully to integrate its subsidiaries Instagram and Whatsapp.

He also spoke with a number of subscription news services. He spoke with Global Competition Review  three separate stories–about the recent success  of monopolization plaintiff Trendsettah in the Ninth Circuit against the maker of Swisher Sweets cigar products, about the AT&T loss, and about a newly announced tech-sector task force established by the federal trade commission. He spoke with the communications industry newsletter Communications Daily on the AT&T merger appeal, and he spoke with an investor newsletter called Reorg M&A  about the pending FTC challenge  to the merger of the pigment manufacturers Tronox and Cristal.

Finally, he spoke with FTC:Watch [about the possibility of extending antitrust liability to in-house attorneys who assist in antitrust violations, as in certain remarkable recent cases in which drug company attorneys coordinated so called “citizen petition” efforts before the Food and Drug Administration.

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