Professor Geier Publishes 2019 Edition of her Federal Income Taxation e-Textbook

The updated 2019 edition of Professor Deborah Geier’s free e-textbook for the first course in Federal Income Taxation is now posted on CALI’s eLangdell’s website. The ePub format (for iPads) and the Mobi format (for Kindles) should be posted by December 20.

The 2019 edition incorporates all inflation-adjusted numbers (tax tables, standard deduction, payroll tax ceiling, etc.), updates some tables and graphs on economic data, and corrects mistakes that were inevitably made when Professor Geier had to incorporate all of the many changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in two frantic weeks last December so that professors who used the textbook in the spring semester had a fully updated version.

Here’s the link to the 2019 textbook:

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