Prof. Sundahl Appointed as Advisor to NASA

Prof. Mark Sundahl was appointed last week by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine to the NASA Advisory Council Regulatory and Policy Committee. The Committee will provide advice to the Administrator regarding the policy and regulatory changes that are needed to assist NASA in its mission to increase mankind’s understanding and use of outer space. In its first meeting at NASA Headquarters, the Committee issued recommendations to, among other things, increase the commercial use of the International Space Station through reform of the regulations regarding intellectual property rights and the access of commercial partners to privately-owned hardware installed on the ISS.  The Committee will continue to assist NASA in leveraging the strengths of the private sector in the development of human activity in Earth orbit, on the Moon, and eventually on Mars and other celestial bodies.

1 thought on “Prof. Sundahl Appointed as Advisor to NASA

  1. Holy cow, way to go Professor.

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