Media Quote Sagers on Facebook Privacy Issues, T-Mobile/Spring Merger

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke recently with various media outlets on matters of antitrust policy. 
He spoke first with Bloomberg for a story concerning Facebook’s ongoing privacy controversies and whether they could spell antitrust trouble. He explained that big data aggregations have already been taken as competitively relevant by European antitrust regulators, and he suggested U.S. regulators may not be far behind.
Sagers was also quoted at length in an article in Yahoo Finance  concerning likely antitrust challenges facing the just-announced merger of the country’s third and fourth largest cell phone carriers, T-Mobile and Spring. He suggested that this new merger will likely face significant challenge before U.S. regulators, as it bears much in common with a 2011 deal between AT&T and T-Mobile that was blocked by the Justice Department.

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