Sagers Speaks with Media on Various Antitrust Matters

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke with various news outlets recently concerning antitrust matters. 
He spoke with CNN Money about recent tweets by President Trump indicating (once again) that he would direct antitrust challenge at Amazon. Sagers discussed the plausibility of such a suit and the likelihood that the Trump antitrust agencies might actually bring it.
He also spoke with Bloomberg about a striking private monopolization trial getting started in federal court in Rhode Island. The incumbent health insurer in that state, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Rhode Island, is accused of excluding a new firm from acquiring a hospital in Woonsocket, RI, allegedly because the new entrant planned an innovated model of health payments coverage that threatened BCBS’s dominance there. Sagers told Bloomberg the case has potentially broad legal significance, especially if it gets appellate review on the merits, because it could substantially relax standards for proof of monopoly set by the Supreme Court in recent decades.
Sagers also spoke with a variety of outlets concerning the pending Justice Department challenge to AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, Inc., including S&P Global, Communications Daily, and the Wall Street Journal/


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