Professor Sundahl’s and Global Space Law Center’s Activities

The Global Space Law Center appointed its first student members of the Research Council.  This year the Research Council is will submit comments to (1) the ICAO/UNOOSA Space Learning Group which is tasked with determining the respective jurisdictions of air law and space law with respect to suborbital spaceflight and (2) the Hague Space Resources Working Group which is drafting the building blocks for the legal framework of asteroid mining.  Prof. Sundahl also recently squared off against former FAA regulator, Laura Montgomery, at the Center for a New American Security, regarding the obligation under international law for the US to implement new space activity regulations. Prof. Sundahl also participated in a multi-layer assessment of space-related issues for the US Department of Defense overseen by NSI Inc.  In the media, Prof. Sundahl sounded an alarm regarding the launch of a number of nanosatellites operated by the space start-up Swarm Technologies on an Indian rocket without a license from the FCC.

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