Sagers Speaks With Media on Surprise Missouri Senate Run, Potential Amazon Antitrust Trouble

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Professor of Law, spoke with Bloomberg  about the U.S. Senate bid of Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. Of particular interest has been the fact that Hawley, a red-state Republican, has founded his bid on antitrust rhetoric of a noticeably populist character, and as state AG has brought an aggressive state-law antitrust challenge to Google.

Sagers also spoke with Business Insider  about a new announcement by Amazon that it will no longer carry the “Nest” line of smart-home products. Nest, a division of Google’s parent Alphabet, Inc., is expected increasingly to compete directly with wired-home products produced by Amazon itself, as Amazon recently acquired a smart-home company called Ring. Some have suggested that Amazon’s decision could invite antitrust scrutiny.

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