Sagers Speaks with New York Times on AT&T/Time Warner and Regulatory Consistency

On November 21, David Gelles of the New York Times “spent all day on the phone with folks like Tim Wu, Spencer Kurn, Susan Crawford, Rich Greenfield, [Cleveland-Marhsall’s] Chris Sagers and Larry Downes trying to make sense of two seemingly contradictory moves by the Trump administration.” [this quote was from his LinkedIn post, forwarding his NYT article; the LinkedIn post is available here
Specifically, he wondered why the Trump administration would on the one hand move to repeal the Obama FCC’s net neutrality rules, which were meant to control monopoly power in internet service, but simultaneously sue in antitrust to challenge AT&T’s pending acquisition of Time Warner cable, a lawsuit that at least superficially reflects the same concerns. He quotes Sagers in an article here