Sagers on Russia Hacking, AT&T, Whistleblowers, and Big Veterinary Consolidation

If further proof were needed that antitrust really is all over the place these days, Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law, spoke with the press on antitrust aspects of affairs as diverse as Russian election hacking and veterinary medicine.

Eyebrows were raised by the suggestion this week by Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr that Congress might given an antitrust exemption to Facebook, Google, and other powerful online platforms so that they can coordinate their security efforts. Sagers spoke on the matter with the National Journal, available here.

He spoke with Yahoo Finance about this week’s surprising news that the Justice Department might sue to block the merger of AT&T and Time Warner, in a story available here.

He spoke with Bloomberg BNA about a new federal bill that would protect whistleblowers who report their own companies for price-fixing, in Alexei Alexis, “Antitrust Whistleblower Protection Bill Advances in Senate,” BloombergBNA, Nov 02 2017.

Finally, he spoke with the trade journal Veterinary Information Network News about a merger of two very large veterinary chains, the Banfield firm (owned by Mars, Inc., the massive firm known as a candy maker but that is also involved in a variety of pet care services and products) and the Veterinary Corporation of America. Both firms are large and both are integrated vertically into a variety of veterinary products and services, but the deal was approved by the Federal Trade Commission on condition of a small set of local divestitures. You can read the story here.

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