Professor Witmer-Rich Quoted by Several News Sources

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich was quoted by several news sources on a recent shooting of an armed robber at a Cleveland Taco Bell.  The store had a policy prohibiting guns in the store, and yet three employees were armed with concealed firearms when two masked men attempted to rob the store.  One of the employees shot and killed one of the armed robbers.  In an interview with Cleveland’s News Channel 5, Professor Witmer-Rich explained that the store’s policy has no bearing on any criminal prosecution.  He stated, “whatever the corporate rules are, in terms of a criminal prosecution, they all have a right to act in self-defense if they reasonably believe they’re facing a threat of imminent death or bodily harm.”  Professor Witmer-Rich‘s comments on the case were also featured in stories by The Washington Times and the Daily Meal.

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