Professor Mika Presents at Association of Legal Writing Directors Conference at the University of Minnesota

Professor Karin Mika presented at the Biennial ALWD (Association of Legal Writing Directors) Conference held at the University of Minnesota, July 19-21.  The theme of the conference was, “What Unites and Divides Us.” The title of Professor Mika’s presentation was, “The Legal Writing Classroom in a Post-Trump (win) Presidency.”  In her presentation, Professor Mika discussed views on whether the divisions in our country should be discussed in the classroom and, if so,  how it should be done to avoid bias or being overly political.  She also discussed how the classroom atmosphere has or has not changed since the election, especially in relation to minorities (both teachers and students) who may feel intimidated by the current climate in the nation.  Finally, Professor Mika discussed whether there is liberal bias in colleges, and whether professors implicitly or explicitly encourage it in the classroom.

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