Professor Plecnik Awarded Grant from the Slovenian Research Agency

John Plecnik

Professor John Plecnik

Professor John Plecnik was awarded a bilateral grant from the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia in partnership with Professor Jernej Letnar Černič, Professor Matej Avbelj and Assistant Lecturer Dejan Valentinčič of the Graduate School of Government and European Studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  The grant will support an international faculty and research exchange between Cleveland State University and the Graduate School of Government and European Studies to discuss the “Constitutional and Legal Aspects of Real Estate Taxes—what Slovenia Can Learn From the U.S.”

Professor Plecnik’s research focuses on the intersection of taxation and public policy.  His work on the fundamental fairness and constitutional limits of taxation was recently highlighted by the Office of Research at Cleveland State University with a “Featured Researcher” video.  Professor Černič’s research focuses on political systems as well as constitutional law, international law, human rights law and administrative law.  Professor Avbelj’s research focuses on democracy and the rule of law with an emphasis on European Union law.  Assistant Lecturer Valentinčič’s research focuses on comparative constitutional law, international law and human rights law.

To fulfill their grant project, Professor Plecnik and his Slovenian colleagues will visit each other’s schools this fall for approximately a week.  They will give a series of presentations and guest lectures on their latest research to faculty and students.

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