Professor Sterio Quoted in Al Jazeera Article on Syria

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio was quoted in an article by Al Jazeera entitled “Six years on: ‘Syria is an accountability-free zone,” available here.  Professor Sterio’s quotes are reproduced below:

Moving forward, the opposition “can demonstrate that it has international law on its side – that its position is legally correct and that Assad may be violating international law,” said Milena Sterio, professor of international law at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in the US state of Ohio.

“At some point, leaders become too ‘rogue’ and too isolated that it hurts them in the international community. The hope is to corner Assad, to isolate him politically and to get him to realise that if he wants any hope of participation in international relations and in the international community on behalf of Syria, he must negotiate with the opposition in good faith,” Sterio told Al Jazeera.


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