Professor Witmer-Rich Quoted in Washington Post and in Cleveland News Channel 5 Regarding Shawn Grate Case

Professor Witmer-Rich was recently quoted in the Washington Post and in Cleveland News Channel 5 regarding the case of Shawn Grate.  Grate is currently charged in Ashland, Ohio with killing two woman, and he has told reporters he killed five women.  Professor Witmer-Rich was interviewed by Channel 5 reporter Megan Hickey, who received letters from Grate.  In the letters, Grate mentions “all five victims” and attempts to explain his actions, writing that the victims “were already dead, just their bodies were flopping wherever it can flop but their minds were already dead!  The state took their minds. Once they started receiving their monthly checks.”  Professor Witmer-Rich noted the potential evidentiary value of the letters, as they appear to be voluntary statements to a third party rather than products of police interrogation.  In addition, he noted that the letters raise concerns regarding possible mental illness of the defendant.  Professor Witmer-Rich stated, “The reasons he’s giving are not reasons that a rational person would give for explaining this kind of conduct.”
News Channel 5 story is available here, and the the Washington Post article is available here.


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