Professor Karin Mika Presents at McGeorge Law School, at the LWI Conference, and at Rocky Mountain Regional LW Conference


Professor Karin Mika

Professor Karin Mika presented at the following conferences over the summer and spring 2016:


Cultivating Professional Identity Through Personal Connection at the Earliest States of Law School: The Evening Student, presented at the Western Regional Legal Writing Conference, August 5-6, 2016 (University of the Pacific, McGeorge Law School, Sacramento, California).

Amphibious Pitchers, Slaves in Ireland, and Issues with Public Education—The Modern Trend Regarding Carelessness in Communication and How it Affects What We Do in the Classroom, presented at the LWI Biennial Conference, July 10-13, 2016 (Portland, Oregon).

What Brain Games Taught me about Teaching, presented at the Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Conference, March 18-19, 2016 (University of Arizona Law School, Tucson, Arizona).


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