Professor Emeritus Steve Steinglass Publishes Article in Ohio State Law Journal; Presents at Ohio Judicial College Program

On July 13, 2016, Professor Emeritus Steve Steinglass made a presentation to 120 + municipal and county judges at an Ohio Judicial College program for the Association of Municipal/County Judges oh Ohio. The presentation was on Ohio Constitutional Revision and the Judiciary: Past, Present, and Future.

In addition, Professor Emeritus Steinglass published an article on state constitutional law.  The most recent issue of the Ohio State Law Journal, volume 77, number 2 (2016) contains articles on state constitutional law, expanding on a 2015 symposium on the topic. The issue includes Constitutional Revision: Ohio Style, written by Steven H. Steinglass, Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, and current Senior Policy Advisor of the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission. This article focuses on the history of constitutional revision in Ohio, and specifically on expansion of the methods for making revisions.

Constitutional Revision: Ohio Style begins with the Northwest Ordinance and 1802 Ohio Constitution, and reviews the path to statehood along with changes in the methods of constitutional revision later adopted in Ohio’s current constitution. The article then examines changes resulting from the Progressive-Era Constitutional Convention of 1912, and changes over the last century including the use of initiatives and constitutional revision commissions.  The article is available here:

Steinglass, Constitutional Revision–Ohio Style (OSLJ 2016) copy

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