Professor Plecnik Quoted in Tax Notes

Professor John Plecnik was quoted in Tax Notes on April 15, on the debate on whether tax return preparers are preying on low-income taxpayers by taking too much of their earned income tax credits in fees.

Professor Plecnik’s quote is reproduced below:

But John T. Plecnik of Cleveland State University’s Cleveland-Marshall College of Law said the return preparation companies play a part in diminishing the EITC’s value. “Fraud is one issue with the plan, but capture is another,” he said. “Tax return preparers indisputably capture a large share of refundable credits, like the EITC, for themselves.”
“If we fail to deliver the dual benefit and incentive of the EITC to the working poor, there is no point to the expenditure,” he added.

The full article is available here: Tax Notes, Plecnik, April 14, 2016

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