Professor Weinstein Presents at Three Sessions at American Planning Association’s Conference in Phoenix, Arizona

Professor Alan Weinstein presented at three sessions during the American Planning Association’s (APA) National Planning Conference in Phoenix, April 2-5.  On Sunday, April 3, he presented “Recent Changes to FCC Rules Governing Local Government Telecommunications Regulations” as part of an Alfred Bettman Law Symposium session titled “Federal Regulations Affecting Land-Use Decisions” that he organized. That same day he also presented “The Effect of Reed v. Town of Gilbert on First Amendment Rulings in the Lower Courts” as part of a session titled “Local Sign Regulation” organized by the Arizona Chapter of the APA. On Monday, April 4, he presented “What Can (and Should) Local Governments Do About Racial and Income Segregation in Housing,” as part of an Alfred Bettman Law Symposium session titled “Planning as if ‘Black Lives Matter,’ ” that he organized.

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