Professor Mika Presents at Workshop at University of Maryland School of Law and at Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Workshop


Professor Karin Mika

On March 11th, Professor Karin Mika was a facilitator for the ALWD sponsored Scholarship Workshop at the Capital Area Regional Legal Writing Workshop, held at the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore.  On March 12th, Professor Mika presented on the topic of “Teaching Grammar to a New Generation of Learners.”


On March 19th, Professor Mika presented at the Rocky Mountain Regional Legal Writing Workshop, hosted by the University of Arizona Law School in Tucson.  Her topic was “What Brain Games has taught me about teaching.”  In her presentation, Professor Mika discussed the show “Brain Games,” on the National Geographic Channel, and how the show discussed certain features of how the brain acquires and retains information.  Professor Mika focused on discussing learning where there are distractions, and how older and younger brains process information much differently.  She used the examples from Brain Games to discuss how understanding younger brains helps in determining which teaching methods should best be used to reach our students.

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