Professor Weinstein’s Articles Published by American Planning Association

The American Planning Association (APA) has published two practitioner-oriented articles by Professor Alan Weinstein that offer guidance to local governments on how to comply with two recent Supreme Court rulings.

The Legal Standard for Decisions,” appeared in the December 2015 issue of Planning, the APA’s monthly journal for members. The article discusses what local governments must do to ensure that their decisions on permit applications for wireless communication facilities (e.g., towers and antennae) comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling in T-Mobile South, LLC v. City of Roswell, Georgia, 135 S.Ct. 808 (2015).

“Practice: Temporary Signs” was published in the February 2016 edition of Zoning Practice, APA’s monthly practice journal. published by APA.  Co-authored with Wendy Moeller, a Cincinnati-based planning consultant, the article provides detailed guidance to planners and local government officials on how to revise their regulations of temporary signs to comply with the new rules for sign regulations announced by the Supreme Court in Reed v. Town of Gilbert, Arizona, 135 S.Ct. 2218 (2015).

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