Together in the Struggle: Hands-On Learning through Research Labs | Claire Robinson May, Amy Burchfield & Brian Cassidy |

Professor Claire May presented jointly with Amy Burchfield and Brian Cassidy at the Legal Writing Institute 1-Day Workshop at Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University on Friday, December 11. The conference theme was Collaboration In and Out of the Legal Writing Classroom.Claire May Presentation 1

According to Professor May, “In this session, we discuss our use of research labs to develop our students’ 21st century legal research skills. Our teaching group – two librarians and a legal writing professor – collaborates to identify needed legal research skills and then designs exercises to hone these skills. The lab sessions require students to sometimes struggle with a learning-by-doing approach towards the goal of gaining competency with research concepts and strategies. Students receive comprehensive feedback documents and ongoing encouragement. Our goal is to teach efficient and effective research in the current online research environment, rather than a traditional source by source methodology.”

Claire May 2

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