Professor Broering-Jacobs Co-Authors “Ohio Legal Research” (2d ed.) and Publishes CALI Lesson on Ohio Citation

Legal Writing Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs

Legal Writing Professor Carolyn Broering-Jacobs

Professor Broering-Jacobs co-authored the second edition of a book that just became available in print. The book is Ohio Legal Research: 

Ohio Legal Research provides a concise introduction to Ohio- specific primary
authorities and research tools for readers new to legal research or new

to researching Ohio law. Ohio Legal Research introduces federal resources

alongside their Ohio counterparts, which makes the text useful for an introductory

research course that covers both state and federal research. Written

with the understanding that research is best learned by practice, Ohio Legal

Research offers succinct explanation to guide the novice without including so

much as to overwhelm.
Additionally, Professor Broering-Jacobs also co-authored a recently published a CALI lesson on Ohio Citation. This lesson teaches Ohio citation as governed by the Supreme Court of Ohio’s recently published and update writing and citation manual.

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