Dean Boise Appointed to Cleveland Community Police Commission

Craig Boise, Dean and Joseph C. Hostetler – Baker Hostetler Chair in Law, was appointed to the newly created Cleveland Community Police Commission.  The Commission is court-mandated and is part of several reforms that were specified in the agreement signed between the United States Department of Justice and the city of Cleveland in May 2015.  The purpose and mandate of the Commission is to make policy recommendations to the Cleveland police chief on policies and practices that can help strengthen relations between officers and the communities they protect.

Over two hundred individuals had applied to become members of the Commission, and Dean Boise is one of ten individuals selected by a selection panel.  Dean Boise will serve a four-year term on the Commission. The appointees were announced in a swearing-in ceremony held in the Cleveland City Hall rotunda on September 8; two photographs from the swearing-in ceremony are available below.

police commisssion photo 1

police comission photo 2

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