Professor Sterio’s Book on Self-Determination to be Re-Issued in Paperback by Routledge

SD Book PictureProfessor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio’s book, “The Right to Self-determination Under International Law: ‘Selfistans,’ Secession, and the Rule of the Great Powers,” which had originally been published as a hard back edition in 2013, will be re-published in paper back in late 2015, following excellent sales of the original edition.

Professor Sterio’s book proposes a novel theory of self-determination- the Rule of the Great Powers. This book argues that traditional legal norms on self-determination have failed to explain and account for recent results of secessionist self-determination struggles, and it thus proposes and develops a new theory of self-determination, based on the Rule of the Great Powers, the most geo-politically and economically powerful states in the international arena.

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