Professor Robertson Criticizes Media Coverage of EPA’s Draft Assessment Report on the Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Water Supply

Heidi Gorovitz Robertson, C|M|LAW’s Steven W. Percy Distinguished Professor of Law, has criticized media interpretations of EPA’s recently released draft assessment on the impact of hydraulic fracturing on the water supply. Robertson previously commented on this topic in a Letter to the Editor of the Plain Dealer, and on Friday, published a short piece, EPA’s report on fracking has been given a positive spin by much of the media in Crain’s Cleveland Business’ Energy Report. In short, many news outlets portrayed EPA’s draft assessment report as concluding that fracturing is safe for the water supply. In fact, EPA’s report concludes that it does not yet have sufficient evidence to conclude that harm or risk is systematic or widespread. The report notes many limitations in the analyzed data, including the short duration of many studies.

Professor Robertson’s comments in Crain’s are available here:

Professor Robertson’s Letter to the Editor is available here:

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