Professor Lewis Presents at International Bioethic Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

Leon and Gloria Plevin Professor of Law Browne Lewis presented at an international bioethics conference hosted by the Brocher Foundation in Geneva, Switzerland. Professor Lewis was on a panel discussing advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART). Professor Lewis explained how attempts to restrict the use of human oocyte cryopreservation could have legal consequences. For example, some persons have argued that frozen eggs should only be used by women of child-bearing age. Opponents are concerned about the health of the woman and the physical and emotional well-being of the resulting child. Some opponents contend that it is unethical for a young child to be forced to be a care-giver for an elderly parent. Nonetheless, a law that places an age-limit on a woman’s right to use her frozen oocyte to conceive a child would probably be challenged on constitutional basis. A law based solely on chronological age would be under and over inclusive because it would ignore the fact that some older women are in better physiological condition than their younger counterparts. In addition, if the law is not apply to similarly situated men, it could be successfully challenged on equal protection grounds.

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