Sagers Publishes ABA Handbook, Distinguished as Editorial Chair

Chris Sagers, the James A. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Law, recently served as Editorial Chair and principle author of a new publication from the ABA Antitrust Section, Handbook on the Scope of Antitrust (more details here).  The scope of antitrust–the law governing when antitrust does and does not apply to given conduct–is itself a large, complex, and highly controversial body of law. Sagers is widely recognized for his work on the issue, and in particular for his conceptualization of the dozens of individual rules and doctrines that go to the question of scope as comprising one, coherent body of law.  His contribution to this particular publication was recognized by the Section, by his identification on the book’s cover as Editorial  Chair (a rarely bestowed recognition, as ABA works are typically published anonymously).

1 thought on “Sagers Publishes ABA Handbook, Distinguished as Editorial Chair

  1. That’s amazing, Chris. Indeed, they never include the author’s name on the cover. Your name should be Chris Rock.

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