Professor Sterio Publishes Blog Post in Response to “Torture Report”

Professor and Associate Dean Milena Sterio published a blog post on Intlawgrrls entitled “Torture is Always Illegal, No Matter What Results It May Produce.”  In this post, Professor Sterio responds to the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee report (“Torture Report”) on enhanced interrogation techniques used by the C.I.A. post 9/11.  Professor Sterio argues that these techniques amounted to torture under both international law (the Convention Against Torture, and various courts’ interpretations of this Convention) as well as domestic law.  In addition, Professor Sterio argues in this post that the question of whether enhanced interrogation techniques produced valuable intelligence results is irrelevant, because even if such techniques did produce excellent intelligence information (which the Senate committee report proves they did not), such techniques are still illegal because they amount to torture, and should never be utilized.

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