Professor Davis and Co-Author Publish Article in the British Journal of American Legal Studies

Professor Mickey Davis, with co-author Dana Neacsu, Librarian and Lecturer-in-Law at Columbia Law School, published an article entitled “The Many Texts of the Law” in volume 3-issue 2 of the British Journal of American Legal Studies (Birmingham City University).

According to the abstract: “This paper contends that event as jurists invoke the official canonic version of the legal test, it is in danger of being replaced for the jurist, as well as for the lay person, if it has not been substituted already, by some apocryphal, inauthentic or casual text.  We argue that in addition to the approximate nature of legal knowledge, the overuse of overedited and perverted casebooks, as well as the distribution of legal information among imperfect sources…. are largely responsible for this situation.”

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