Witmer-Rich Comments on Fox 8 News on County Prosecutors’ Reenactment of 2012 Shooting

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich

Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich

On March 7, 2014, C|M|LAW Professor Jonathan Witmer-Rich commented on Fox 8 News regarding the re-enactment, organized y Cuyahoga County prosecutors, of a fatal 2012 police shooting.

Witmer-Rich said re-enactments can be helpful.  He noted that “[i]t might be the case it will be helpful for the grand jury to see things as they happened in real time.”  He also said that re-enactments do shed light on how events might have transpired and even escalated.

“How would a reasonable officer react in these circumstances?” said Witmer-Rich, “Seeing it happen in real time might really give the grand jury a better sense of how to draw conclusions of how a reasonable officer would’ve behaved.”

Watch here:


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