Robertson Speaks on Leasing at Crain’s Shale Summit 2014

On February 20, 2014, C|M|LAW Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Enrichment Heidi Gorovitz Robertson served on a panel entitled “The Most from a Lease” at Crain’s Shale Summit 2014.  Robertson and the two other panelists highlighted potential legal and logistical issues for current and prospective lessees of mineral rights in Ohio.  In particular, the panelists spoke about the role of landmen and brokers in the leasing process, the impact of unitization on lessees’ rights, rights of access to the surface and subsurface, pipeline leases, and more.  The event was attended by nearly 300 lawyers, journalists, industry professionals, landowners, environmentalists, and others.

Video coverage of the event is available here:

The event program is available here:

Click to access CC93076213.PDF

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