Hoke Quoted Widely on the Election-Related Cyber Attack in Florida

C|M|LAW Professor Candice Hoke was quoted in a news story that has been syndicated widely across the country regarding last fall’s election-related cyber attack in Florida.  The case involved an attempt, last fall, to 2,500 absentee ballots through phantom requests carried about by a computer program on the Miami-Dade County elections board’s website. The large number of false requests came from a small number of IP addresses overseas, and  therefore, the board’s protection software was able to discover and to reject the phony requests.  The concern, however, is that this attempt exposes the vulnerabilities of computer-based elections.  According to Hoke, “[t]his has been in the cards, it’s been foreseeable.”  Commenting on the attractive cost-savings provided by on-line voting, Hoke said “It’s cheap, if you don’t care whether elections are stolen.”

To read the original story, see:


To see a related story click here:


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