Inniss Comments on Quiet Racism in a New York Times Letter to the Editor

C|M|LAW’s Joseph C. Hostetler, Baker & Hostetler Professor of Law, Lolita K. Buckner Inniss has published a Letter to the Editor in the New York Times.  The letter concerns “The Good, Racist People,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates (column, March 7), about the actor Forest Whitaker, who was stopped and frisked last month in a Manhattan deli by a deli employee.  In the letter, Inniss suggests that we treat all shoppers alike, either by scrutinizing no one, or everyone, and shifting the increased costs — of either lost goods due to shoplifting or of increased security — to the consumer.  The letter appeared on March 11, 2013, under the headline Shopping While Black:, Racism in Everyday Life, at page A20.

It is also available at

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