Sundahl Publishes A Bibliography of the Law of Ancient Greece

A New Working Bibliography of Ancient Greek Law

Associate Professor and Associate Dean Mark Sundahl has published A New Working Bibliography of Ancient Greek Law with the Academy of Athens Press.  Dean Sundahl edited this new resource on ancient Greek legal scholarship along with David Mirhady of Simon Fraser University (Canada) and Ilias Arnaoutoglou of Research Centre for the History of Greek Law at the Academy of Athens (Greece).  The book contains a comprehensive bibliography of scholarship on ancient Greek law during the archaic and classical periods from the 7th to the 4thcentury B.C.  The purpose of the project was to bring together, in one place, the entire body of scholarship in the field in order to facilitate further research in ancient Greek law.

Associate Dean Mark Sundahl

The book runs to 655 pages and organizes the entries both alphabetically by author and by subject matter in twelve sections (with some ninety subsections).  The topics covered by the book range from constitutional law and legislative procedure to commercial, family, and international law, as they existed in ancient Greece.

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